This is the Libav samples collection.
You can find samples of various common and uncommon
multimedia formats here. The size of the collection
currently is 54GB and growing.

You are free to download any samples you want, but
if you want to download more than just a few or want
to mirror the whole collection please send a mail to
webmaster(AT)libav(DOT)org *before* you start
and ask for permission.

We can also ship the samples collection to you for a
reasonable fee, inquire for details.

The best way to download samples is with rsync. If you decide
to fetch a large amount (more than 1GB), please limit the rate
to no more than 50 kBps (use the --bwlimit option of rsync).

Please be aware that this samples collection contains a lot
of files that are very obscure, broken in various ways or
are just simply out of use. Hence, it doesn't make sense
to download all of them, unless you are developing a player
application that will support all and every file format
that was ever conceived.

Index of /

NameLast ModifiedSizeType
../ -  Directory
3D/2011-Nov-24 16:42:48-  Directory
8svx/2009-Feb-11 18:08:20-  Directory
A-codecs/2014-Apr-21 11:20:29-  Directory
AIFF/2009-Nov-03 18:37:01-  Directory
AVS/2010-Jun-13 16:54:15-  Directory
D-Cinema/2010-Apr-28 13:27:16-  Directory
DV-raw/2009-Sep-29 12:31:08-  Directory
DVD-Audio/2008-Mar-24 11:51:43-  Directory
Divx4-bugs/2006-Jan-21 01:40:33-  Directory
F4V/2011-Nov-24 16:51:26-  Directory
FLV/2011-Feb-24 08:05:43-  Directory
GXF/2010-Mar-06 23:28:14-  Directory
HDTV/2010-Sep-01 14:24:19-  Directory
JPEG-seq/2006-Jan-21 01:40:38-  Directory
MPEG-4/2009-Dec-24 10:35:48-  Directory
MPEG-VOB/2008-Aug-15 20:36:19-  Directory
MPEG1/2008-Mar-24 11:54:37-  Directory
MPEG2/2010-Aug-03 15:24:42-  Directory
MXF/2010-Aug-12 10:43:40-  Directory
Matroska/2011-Feb-26 12:54:07-  Directory
PNG-seq/2008-Mar-24 11:55:41-  Directory
PSMF/2008-Mar-24 11:55:41-  Directory
PVA/2008-Mar-24 11:55:49-  Directory
SWF/2008-Apr-14 23:15:53-  Directory
TiVo/2008-Mar-24 11:56:12-  Directory
V-codecs/2015-Sep-02 22:50:40-  Directory
amv/2008-Mar-24 11:58:21-  Directory
archive/2009-Feb-16 01:21:24-  Directory
asf-wmv/2013-Feb-09 16:52:17-  Directory
aspect_samples/2006-Jan-21 01:53:43-  Directory
au/2008-Mar-24 11:58:30-  Directory
audible/2006-Jan-21 01:53:44-  Directory
avi/2011-Feb-24 07:59:15-  Directory
benchmark/2006-Feb-26 16:23:37-  Directory
bluray/2010-Sep-24 10:31:56-  Directory
camera-dvr/2011-Apr-06 13:01:01-  Directory
cdxl/2012-Feb-21 20:22:06-  Directory
drivers32/2011-Nov-24 17:00:11-  Directory
dvr_ms/2007-Mar-30 23:34:57-  Directory
evob/2011-Feb-24 07:57:11-  Directory
ffmpeg-bugs/2010-Jun-13 16:52:05-  Directory
flac/2009-Nov-03 20:07:51-  Directory
fli-flc/2008-Dec-08 08:27:55-  Directory
fraps/2015-Sep-02 22:54:09-  Directory
fuzz/2014-Feb-08 16:04:22-  Directory
game-formats/2014-Mar-23 23:41:55-  Directory
hdmi/2010-Nov-21 14:49:04-  Directory
image-samples/2010-Oct-01 00:42:28-  Directory
internets/2011-Nov-24 16:32:00-  Directory
ipod/2006-Jan-21 03:33:11-  Directory
jpeg2000/2015-Sep-04 14:36:25-  Directory
k3g/2009-Mar-21 23:03:02-  Directory
karaoke/2011-Feb-24 07:52:03-  Directory
mobileVideo_3gp/2006-Nov-07 22:08:43-  Directory
monkeyaudio/2008-Mar-24 12:01:25-  Directory
mov/2012-Dec-10 18:56:12-  Directory
mplayer-bugs/2011-Mar-30 10:21:36-  Directory
mtv/2008-Mar-24 12:01:46-  Directory
multichannel/2010-Jun-13 15:10:21-  Directory
mvi/2009-Feb-11 18:11:27-  Directory
nsv/2008-Mar-24 12:01:49-  Directory
nut/2009-Dec-21 13:37:07-  Directory
nuv/2008-Mar-24 12:01:49-  Directory
ogg/2011-Jan-28 20:54:05-  Directory
oma/2008-Mar-24 12:01:52-  Directory
opus/2014-Nov-24 13:11:02-  Directory
playstation/2009-Sep-10 14:34:06-  Directory
postprocess/2008-Mar-24 12:01:54-  Directory
r3d/2011-Feb-14 03:11:27-  Directory
raw-video/2010-Jun-13 15:04:52-  Directory
real/2010-May-01 04:48:31-  Directory
sgi/2006-Feb-12 00:57:35-  Directory
smv/2009-Feb-11 18:12:10-  Directory
sub/2010-Nov-08 20:52:35-  Directory
tests/2006-Feb-26 16:23:18-  Directory
testsuite/2008-Mar-24 12:02:51-  Directory
tta/2008-Mar-24 12:02:52-  Directory
vam/2008-Mar-24 12:02:52-  Directory
videonow-PVD/2010-Jun-03 11:01:01-  Directory
vivo/2006-Feb-27 21:33:37-  Directory
voc/2006-Feb-14 20:25:56-  Directory
vqf/2009-Mar-24 17:52:38-  Directory
vsr/2011-Feb-24 07:51:03-  Directory
wtv/2010-Jul-01 03:15:02-  Directory
xwma/2012-Jan-07 07:55:51-  Directory
yuv/2008-Mar-24 12:03:14-  Directory
yuv4mpeg2/2008-Mar-24 12:03:14-  Directory
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